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The 5 Steps To Becoming a PerfEct Parent!

This is for ALL parents, no matter how old your child is!

In this presentation, we will discuss the 5 core parenting principles and techniques that when implemented can have a life-changing positive effect on your relationship with your child. 

You will learn: 

  • What it means to be firm and kind at the same time and how to parent with both of those principles in perfect harmony.
  • How to understand the 5 basic needs of your children so that their behavior is not seen as a personal insult or shortcoming of YOUR parenting but as a natural and neutral event instead!
  • The importance of preparing your children for adult life, and how to leave your personal feelings out of it.
  • How your natural instincts as a parent are sometimes working against you, and how to turn them around so they work for you!
  • And how to become a nearly PerfEct parent (because we all know perfection doesn't really exist) by using a simple concept called "Stay Away from "D"
  • and much MUCH more...
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“Learning from Michelle has transformed our parenting lives. Not that it isn't still hard, it's just that there is a peace in our home now because I feel like I have the tools and I'm able to handle situations in a constructive way!”  

Michelle Hostetler

“Learning from Michelle was so impactful for me! Parenting is hard, and I think the most important concept that I learned from Michelle is to remember that children are not lesser, they are just littler!”  

Kathleen Leppert